We’re giving away some great prizes!

The lovely folks at Big Finish kindly provided a copy of Doctor Who: The Legacy of Time (worth £49.99) to be won by the maker of our favourite entry in April.

With almost 50 brilliant clips sent in during the first month of this project, it was very difficult to decide which one we loved the most.

But one clip still makes us smile every time we watch it…

Congratulations to @ninewheels and @kabienvenue from the USA who recreated Sarah Jane’s goodbye scene in ‘School Reunion’, you’ve won a copy of Doctor Who: The Legacy of Time!

Big Finish has been making official Doctor Who audio stories for over 20 years, with many original stars reprising their roles!  Perfect to keep you entertained right now, take a look at their full range of titles here.

They then generously gave a copy of The Doctor Chronicles: The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles (worth £29.99) to be won by the maker of our favourite entry in May.

Once again, it was really hard to pick a favourite!

But in the end we chose Harry from England, who has entered a number of wonderful entries, including this one…

The kind people at Silva Screen then gave us five copies of the Series 12 soundtrack album to be won by the makers of our favourite entries in June and July.

The brand new 2-disc album features 48 pieces of music from Jodie Whitaker’s second season by composer Segun Akinola.

After much deliberation, we picked these five fans as winners for their various contributions…

Congratulations to @ayishawinchester from China, Abigail from the USA, @thegood_dalek from Endlang, Ruby from England, and @tulf42 from England!

We had an official Tom Baker era Doctor Who scarf from Lovarzi to give away this summer!

Lovarzi have a whole range of amazing Doctor Who merchandise for sale, including scarves, bags, sweaters, gloves, and ties. (And don’t forget to follow Lovarzi on Instagram take a look at their great Doctor Who blog!)

And the winner of the scarf is…

Well done, Stephen!

We’ve got some more great prizes to give away this autumn and we’ll announce the winners on this page at the start of November.

Take a look a the entries we’ve received so far:

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